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The Museum of Natural Hysteria
Scavenger Hunt
at the Field Museum

  • private
  • adults
  • indoor

The Museum of Natural Hysteria Scavenger Hunt at the Field Museum

Go on an eccentric safari…

…while testing your group’s ability to work together. You’ll trek from ancient Egypt to the Pacific Islands, from the tundra to the forest, from Tibet to the time of dinosaurs, all while answering tricky, humorous questions about what you find. No knowledge of the museum or its exhibits is necessary: you just need sharp eyes, comfy shoes, and great teamwork.

You might search for answers to such questions as…

  • In ancient Egypt, find “bowling pins” with the head of a human, a jackal, a falcon, and a baboon. They’re waiting for organ transplants. As a group, which organ would they reject? Answer: People preparing mummies discarded the brain of a dead person but put the other organs in canopic jars.
  • Play the Mating Game. You would say this place stinks, but some single males would call it a “hot spot for picking up ‘single’ females.” Who are these bachelors? Answer: Dung beetles, who meet on piles of dung.

And in case you were wondering, yes, we’ve left out some key ingredients to solve these puzzles. To get the right answers, you’ll need directions and other hunt clues.

One of Our Top Museum Team Building Activities

Since this hunt’s debut in 2005 the Field Museum has been one of our most popular locations for team building activities for corporate groups, including such clients as Microsoft, Turner Construction, Orbitz, Kimberly-Clark, Tropicana, and Exelon, to name a few. If you want to emphasize interaction and collaboration between teams, ask about our Mixed Alliances Edition.

What are players saying about the Field Museum scavenger hunt?

A 5-star Yelp review: We had a team building activity with a scavenger hunt at the Field Museum. It was terrific! I highly recommend this company; we had an amazing time. The booking experience was smooth and easy. They were always responsive to questions and timely with information. For the scavenger hunt itself, it was just terrific. Valerie did a great, quick briefing that was clear. The clues were subtle but solvable. We had SO MUCH fun roaming all over the museum solving. We have some truly epic pics from the additional challenges! If you have a group, do this!”

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