Kansas City Murder Mystery Game

The Murder at the Art Museum
Scavenger Hunt

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The Murder at the Art Museum Scavenger Hunt

The body on the floor was no sculpture…

No, that was the Watson Adventures Hunt Host who was supposed to lead your group in a team-building game at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. The only clue he left behind: the scavenger hunt he created for you. Oh, and the star he drew on the gallery floor with his own blood. Egads.

We think our colleague led a double life, and clues about what he was up to might be buried in the hunt. We need you to get into teams and do the hunt—and see if humorous details in great works of art throughout the museum actually provide evidence that points to who wanted him dead and why. Solving this crime might also head off an international catastrophe.

No knowledge is needed to get to the bottom of this mystery. You just need sharp eyes, a nose for clues, and a sense of humor.

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