The Munch Around Lincoln Park Scavenger Hunt

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The Munch Around Lincoln Park Scavenger Hunt

Treat your taste buds to an adventure…

…while exploring this eclectic, sometimes eccentric North Side neighborhood. This scavenger hunt features many of the same history-packed highlights as the Secrets of Lincoln Park Scavenger Hunt—including Dorothy’s BFFs in Oz Park, loitering Founding Fathers, a sculpture that invites you to play, and a creepy sunbather—but also adds in a dose of deliciousness.

You and your teammates will get a chance to sample a variety of gourmet delights, such as cow-tippin’ ice cream, surprising pretzel sandwiches, seductive cupcakes, hot dogs that starred on the Food Network, and drinks that made Rachael Ray squeal with delight.

Make sure that at least one member of your team has a fully charged smartphone. You’ll need it to participate in the Team Photo Challenges and to document your munching exploits.

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