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The Minneapolis Mania
Scavenger Hunt

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The Minneapolis Mania Scavenger Hunt

Uncover unusual facts and unexpected finds…

…amid the skyscrapers and skyways in the heart of downtown Minneapolis. On teams, you’ll take on a collection of three different challenges: you’ll need to snap funny, imaginative Team Photos; locate or craft unique items; meet a staffer for a surprise bonus challenge; and answer tricky questions about interesting locations.

As you play, you might find soaring sculptures, musical memories, a tornado-tossed star, buried treasure, an across-the-pond menagerie, sidewalk silhouettes, and even Mary Tyler Moore herself.

You don’t need to know anything about Minneapolis to win. As long you’ve got great teamwork and some comfy shoes, you’re good to go.

The Minnesota Mania Scavenger Hunt can be played just about anywhere, even along the Skyway. You’ll still collaborate on Team Photo Challenges and search for unusual items to create or collect, but in place of the questions about specific places downtown, you’ll have a series of puzzles connected with a coded mystery message that you must crack.

Editions for kids (ages 7 and up) and adults to enjoy together are also available.

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