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The Haunted Hollywood Scavenger Hunt

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The Haunted Hollywood Scavenger Hunt

Where it’s not the actors that go “BOO!”

Visit ghost-plagued buildings and haunted spots in the heart of Hollywood while learning stories about the restless souls you might disturb. On teams, you’ll answer tricky, humorous questions to unearth some seriously scary secrets on this chilling and thrilling tour of old Hollywood.

Listen for the celebrity ghost who plays a bugle in Room 928 at a hotel, check out a movie-themed bookshop whose owner stuck his head in an oven, and see if you feel the spirit of a man with a cape and top hat at the famously haunted Hollywood Wax Museum. You’ll also discover the haunting secret of the Hollywood sign, why the pool at Hollywood High is a dangerous place, where a blonde bombshell’s ghost gets wet, and whose ghost likes to pace in front of the Chinese Theatre.

No knowledge of phantoms, poltergeists, hauntings, or Hollywood is required. Just bring your wits, your teamwork skills, and your bravery.

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