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The Conquer Boston
Scavenger Hunt

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The Conquer Boston Scavenger Hunt

See the best of Boston on a whirlwind tour…

…that takes you to Quincy Market, the North End, Harvard Yard, Fenway Park, Chinatown, Boston Common, Beacon Hill, and many other cool places. On teams, you’ll follow a trail of clues and answer humorous questions about the sites you visit. You’ll also work together on Team Photo Challenges and meet up with the Hunt Host for a surprise bonus challenge.

This team-building adventure is perfect for out-of-town guests, but even native Bostonians will be surprised by the secrets they find.

Along the way, you might…

  • Track down Founding Fathers (and Mothers) on the Freedom Trail
  • Uncover the secrets of statues surrounding Faneuil Hall
  • Flock to Mother Goose in a centuries-old burying ground
  • Get fired up about a firehouse made famous on MTV
  • Step up to the plate against some old-time Red Sox outside Fenway Park
  • And much more!

Your intrepid team could take on such questions as…

  • In Copley Square, find people who are traveling 26 miles to visit Mr. Copley. Complete this sequence: brook, hop, ash, _______. Answer: “Framing,” as in Brookline, Hopkinton, Ashland, and Framingham, seen on a map of the marathon route near the statue of Copley in Copley Square.
  • Make way for ducklings in the Public Garden and visit the Boston Common. Nearby, off Charles, what executioner was killed in 1876? Answer: The great elm, a bygone execution site, mentioned on a sign near the Commons entrance across from the ‘Make Way for Ducklings’ statue in the Public Garden.

Don’t worry: we left out some of the directions that guide you to search for the answers in the right place. Whether you do the hunt by mass transit (mainly the T, Boston’s subway) or by limo, you and your teammates will find the navigating fun. Our directions are very clear, and no participant has gotten lost since our first Citywide Boston hunt in 2004—and that was before Google Maps!

We recommend doing a three-hour version of this scavenger hunt, although longer and shorter versions are available.

We also offer a version of this game designed for kids and adults to do together. Suitable for ages 7 and up.

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