The Celebrate Kansas City Scavenger Hunt

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  • adults
  • kids
  • outdoor

The Celebrate Kansas City Scavenger Hunt

A Team-building game you can play anywhere

Strut your K.C. stuff while completing a variety of surprising challenges on a scavenger hunt you can play anywhere. On teams, you’ll take creative team photos, find or create unusual items, crack a mystery message, and meet with the Hunt Host for a bonus challenge. And many of the tasks will prompt you to celebrate the people, places, food, and history of Kansas City and the state of Missouri.

You might be challenged to…

  • Leap in the air in front of a fountain, in honor of the City of Fountains
  • Interact with a live animal as if it’s an animated character, in honor of Mickey Mouse, who was “born” in Kansas City
  • Create a crown for the winning team to wear, in honor of Crown Center and the Royals
  • Find five candy hearts, in honor of K.C.’s reputation as the “Heart of America”

Plus you might celebrate such local favorites as BBQ, Harry Truman, The Scout, Jesse James, jazz, the Negro Leagues, and more. Get ready for an unusual collaborative game that will bring out not just the best in your favorite city but also your team.

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