Zoom Murder Mystery Party

The Case of the Curious Curator:
A Virtual Murder Mystery Game

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  • adults
  • indoor

The Case of the Curious Curator: A Virtual Murder Mystery Game

Can your team crack this murder mystery scavenger hunt?

Fans of murder mysteries and The Da Vinci Code will enjoy this unusual adventure that features seven art museums. The plot: A murdered curator has left behind a cryptic trail of clues connected with secrets in unusual works of art. As your team gathers answers to tricky questions about the masterpieces, you begin to piece together a sordid tale about greed, lust, pride, revenge, and treachery—all revolving around the museum’s planned multi-million-dollar purchase of a long-lost painting by Leonardo da Vinci.

Your quest begins when teams meet our Host for this Zoom murder mystery party. You’ll get set up with our browser-based app and learn the backstory of the four suspects. You’ll also learn that the dead man has concealed in the app the notes on his personal investigation into the Leonardo. The Host will send teams into breakout rooms, where you’ll collaborate, collect clues, and cogitate on whodunit.

Even if you’re not a murder mystery buff, you’ll have plenty of fun spotting unusual details in art, piecing together the story, and laughing at some of the surprising discoveries. No knowledge of the museums or art is required—you just need sharp eyes, a comfy seat, and good teamwork.

This might be our most challenging murder mystery scavenger hunt. For other options, check out all of our Virtual Murder Mystery Games.

What satisfied sleuths are saying

“We had a fabulous time, and the host was awesome! The game was fun and challenging, and I look forward to playing again.” —Carla A. Berberian, Citizens Bank

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