The Art of Darkness Scavenger Hunt

The Art of Darkness Scavenger Hunt

  • private
  • adults
  • indoor

The Art of Darkness Scavenger Hunt

Twisted, terrifying, and totally fun

For some serious chills and thrills, embark on this ominous adventure that highlights the weirdest, creepiest, darkest of the arts at the PMA. Your challenge is to follow the hunt’s clues and answer tricky, humorous questions about the macabre items you find.

Steel your nerves as you look for…

  • A devil who terrorized church ladies
  • A silent knight and unholy knight
  • A botched tonsillectomy
  • A sword that’ll make you talk about overkill
  • Dragons with bad breath
  • A peasant going “night clubbing”
  • Deadly musical fruit

The game provides a fun, unusual way to get friends or colleagues interacting, bonding, and laughing—especially around Halloween. You don’t need any prior knowledge of art or the museum to play, but after this hunt, you’ll probably never look at the museum again in quite the same way.

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