Corporate Team Building in NYC

The All Hands on Deck
Scavenger Hunt
Aboard the Intrepid

  • private
  • adults
  • outdoor

The All Hands on Deck Scavenger Hunt Aboard the Intrepid

Get a salty taste of adventure on the seven seas…

…without leaving New York! This unique team-building activity takes place aboard a former aircraft carrier, now known as the Intrepid Museum. Your team will go from the “vulture’s row” up above to the mess hall below decks, as you clamber through passageways, peer into cockpits, and spy other sights most people get to see only by enlisting.

On teams, you’ll search for answers to tricky and humorous questions while watching film footage of the Intrepid in action, witnessing a kamikaze experience, focusing on the fo’c’s’le, espying the coolest spy plane, cracking a code in the Combat Information Center, and much more.

On this scavenger hunt your team might search for…

  • A Wild West mess hall with unusual decorations
  • The log of a resident of the Triple Six, who recorded a hangover
  • A Blackbird spy plane on the flight deck…in Area 51
  • A look out of a porthole at a space capsule reeled in from the sea

No previous knowledge of the Intrepid is required—you don’t even have to join the Navy to win.

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