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The Freewheeling Fremont
Scavenger Hunt

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The Freewheeling Fremont Scavenger Hunt

See One of Seattle’s Coolest Neighborhoods

Gather friends or colleagues for an imaginative adventure in the bohemian burg of Fremont. Enjoy a good, old-fashioned scavenger hunt with unusual challenges that exercise your teamwork and tickle your funny bone. Along the way, you might encounter the Fremont Troll, admire amazing street art, and blast off along with the Fremont Rocket.

Your group will…

• Take Unusual Team Photos: Get creative to complete themed photo prompts. You might be asked to demonstrate a group member’s superhuman powers. Or treat a staircase as if it’s a carnival ride. Or pretend you’re holding up the Aurora Bridge.

• Collect & Create Interesting Items: As in a traditional scavenger hunt, this game tasks your players with finding or cobbling together certain things. You might need an object you made better by breaking it, or an object that can serve as a trophy for the winners, or a key to the city!

• Decode a Mystery Message: Your game will include a bizarrely coded message. What does it say? To crack the code, you’ll need to solve crafty, fun puzzles, involving a trivia question, pop music, and a “pigpen cipher.” Can you piece together the key that unlocks the mystery message?

• Join the Hunt Host for a Surprise Challenge: Your Hunt Host will be waiting for you, ready to present a tricky, humorous visual puzzle for you to ponder. It could involve unusual musical snippets, international maps, strangely altered art, or something else entirely.

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