Philadelphia Puzzle Game

Escape the Franklin Institute
Scavenger Hunt

  • private
  • adults
  • indoor

Escape the Franklin Institute Scavenger Hunt

Oh no, you’ve been poisoned!

But don’t panic! On this brain-bending scavenger hunt, you can find the antidote and save your life. The maniacal genius behind your poisoning has packed this game with puzzles that ultimately unveil the combination to a canister containing the cure. Never mind escaping a room—can you unlock the box and escape the Franklin Institute alive?

On teams, you’ll search the museum for secrets and answer devious questions about exhibits, find our staff to solve sneaky puzzles, and finally crack the life-saving code. You don’t need to know anything about the museum or about science in general. All you need is good teamwork, sharp eyes, and comfy shoes.

This is a great game for all kinds of groups, including those with too many people for typical escape-room games. And the game appeals to everyone—if you have group members who aren’t into puzzles, they’ll still have a blast uncovering fun, fascinating secrets in the museum.

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