Art Museum Trivia Game for Groups

Brain Squeeze:
A Trivia Scavenger Hunt
at the MFA

  • private
  • adults
  • indoor

Brain Squeeze: A Trivia Scavenger Hunt at the MFA

Hold on—is this a trivia quiz or a scavenger hunt?

Both! You’ll need knowledge and wits to succeed at this unusual game at the Museum of Fine Arts. Here’s how it works: each question will require an answer from your team…which then becomes an important clue to answering a question about an object you’ll find. The trivia relates to movies, music, history, sports, science, literature, and more.

Knowing a cumberbund from a Cumberbatch from a Hobbit can help you find a rude member of an orchestra. Remembering which current coin features two people could reveal what keeps an African duo looking sharp. And figuring out what job title unites Seiji Ozawa and some MBTA employees could unlock the secret of a medieval Al Roker and tonight’s forecast.

If you’re stumped, you can use your smartphone. Just don’t use up too much of your time while doing so: the faster you answer the questions, the more questions you’ll get to and the more points you can accrue.

If you’re a fan of pub quizzes, you’ll love this quirky scavenger hunt. But be warned: this hunt is challenging, so fill your team with up to six brainiacs.

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