Trivia Fuels Teamwork at Holiday Parties

What Is a Great Office Party? (Correct!)

Project management firm MGAC sees weekly trivia as a “key team-building” activity, and we know why. Devilishly fun trivia questions call on every team member to contribute, and the result is a serious boost in morale, cheer and teamwork. Plus, trivia keeps employees’ minds razor-sharp, their attitudes can-do, and even their spirits happy.

Treating your employees to a Watson Adventures Trivia Slam game is a gift not just to them, but to your entire company—it’s no wonder the Trivia Slam game is an uber-popular choice for corporate holiday parties! We can customize questions to feature your organization or just keep it simple. Trivia Slams can be held virtually anywhere, and our expertise makes this a lot more than your typical pub quiz. We take our fun and games very seriously!

When a major financial firm area wanted us to create custom trivia about the Wall Street area, we came up with a quiz that included the following five questions. The answers are below. Don’t worry if you don’t have the same expertise as the downtown denizens who originally tackled them: we craft the questions to fit your crowd. Give it a shot—and don’t hesitate to contact us to see what we can create for your team.

1. In what movie is a mayor’s speech at Federal Hall interrupted by the arrival of a beast?
(a) Godzilla

(b) King Kong
(c) Men in Black
(d) Wall Street

2. What was the major export from Manhattan in colonial times—so important that a street is named after it?(a) gold
(b) pearls
(c) beaver fur
(d) pine trees
(e) maidens

3. Where did the name Wall Street come from?
(a) Wealthy Dutch landowner Peter Waell
(b) A wall that ran along the same spot in Dutch times
(c) The town well used to be there, and the name got corrupted over the years
(d) James Wall, New York representative to the Continental Congress who signed the Declaration of Independence
(e) A Pink Floyd album

4. What hasn’t the battery in Battery Park been during its life?
(a) a tourist center
(b) a concert hall
(c) an aquarium
(d) an immigration center
(e) a beer garden

5. When Queen Elizabeth II visited Trinity Church for its Bicentennial, what did the church present her with?
(a) 279 peppercorns in overdue rent
(b) An honorary key to the church
(c) An 18th-century Bible that had been “stolen” from British troops during the Revolution
(d) Hasty pudding, a traditional British dish from colonial times
(e) A Big Apple coffee mug

The Answers: 1. (a) ; 2. (c); 3. (b); 4. (e); 5. (a) In colonial times the rent due to the crown for access to Bowling Green was one peppercorn per year.

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The Trivia Slam is a great option for holiday parties, but it’s also good for breaks in off-site meetings, conference center retreats, and trips to the local pub. Colleagues who work together while engaged in fun competition and collaboration will bring renewed zeal and energy to your workplace. And it’s cost-effective. Read more about our trivia slams, and the many customizable options, here.