Top 5 Team Building Activities

NewOrleans jump church_editedIt’s no secret that a happy work environment fosters happy employees. And that happy employees, in turn, are more productive, loyal and creative than their burnt-out counterparts. They are fully engaged in their company’s mission and work with a strong sense of pride and ownership. They are more likely to stay with their company and less likely to call in sick. In short, it’s a win-win for everyone.

So how to develop this workplace utopia? Two words: team building.

Read on to discover some of our tried-and-true, guaranteed-to-make-your-employees-laugh team-building scavenger hunts.

Grab ’n’ Go Hunts

If you’ve always wanted to see Jim from Accounting show off his talent with toothpicks (and really, who hasn’t?), then this is the hunt for you. Grab ’n’ Go hunts are fast, they’re fresh, and they’re guaranteed to revitalize office dynamics. Whether it’s building art sculptures out of food or taking silly photos with animals, these creative challenges are designed to show off each team member’s unique strengths. Best of all, we’re happy to customize hunts for any location in the U.S.—so feel free to grab ‘em and go anywhere.

Historic Area Hunts

Did you know that Mark Twain’s ghost is said to haunt a building in Greenwich Village? Or that tea wasn’t the only thing dunked at the Boston Tea Party? These hunts are perfect for companies looking to incorporate some fascinating historical tidbits into their teambuilding event. This ain’t your grandma’s walking tour, either; our hunts are edgy and witty and may just make you wish you could sit in high school social studies class all over again—while awake this time. Try our Secrets of the French Quarter Hunt in New Orleans, the Thrown for a Loop Hunt in Chicago, or the Ghosts of Greenwich Village Hunt in New York City—among many more!

Museum Discovery Hunts

Sure, museums can be stuffy and intimidating. But when their cultural treasures are paired with a signature Watson Adventures scavenger hunt, the results are pure energy and fun. Your employees will be inspired as they compete against each other, answering clever questions and discovering secrets about priceless art along the way. The Met Madness Hunt in New York, the de Young and de Restless Hunt in San Francisco, and the Museum of Natural Hysteria Hunt in Houston are just a few of our unforgettable museum hunts.

Murder Mystery Hunts

Nothing says teamwork like solving a good old-fashioned mystery. After all, who’s Holmes without Watson? Poirot without Hastings? Scooby without Shaggy? Armed with a set of tricky clues, your detectives employees will follow the trail of a nefarious murderer, working out secret codes and (hopefully) saving the world as a result. For a killer time, try the Murder at the Getty Hunt in Los Angeles, the Murder in Old Boston Hunt in Boston, or the Murder at the Franklin Institute Hunt in Philadelphia.

Trivia Slams

For the game show contestant in all of us. This sizzling battle of wits and nerve will bring out the best in your entire group and have them laughing through it all. It’s an energetic mix of trivia, interactive challenges, unusual tasks, and musical teasers—and it’s tailor made for teamwork. And just maybe Jim from Accounting has some other hidden talents, too.

So go ahead and book a hunt today. We promise it’ll give ‘em something to discuss around the water cooler besides reality TV.