Meet the Team Building Experts Behind Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunts: Q&A with Eileen Gribbon

Get to Know the Team Building Experts

More than 20 years of team building scavenger hunts don’t just happen—they require a skilled, experienced team to conceive, plan, and execute. That’s where we come in.

From in-person scavenger hunts to virtual games, our hundreds of team building options have delighted thousands of clients over the years. And that success stems from the people who work at Watson Adventures. Today, please meet one of the people behind the scenes who keep team building events running like clockwork over and over again: sales representative Eileen Gribbon.

Watson Adventures team building experts Eileen Gribbon

What’s the best part of your job? 

Seeing photos after the event of all the smiling faces, and getting back positive reviews and feedback!

I was in sales years ago for an electronics manufacturing company and never felt fully invested in the product. My job with Watson Adventures allows me the freedom to make recommendations based on the client’s needs after I consult with them. It is always a good feeling knowing that we have exceeded our clients’ expectations and at the end of the hunt they say they all had fun.

What is the strangest reaction you’ve gotten when you tell people what you do for a living?

Everyone I tell seems to think that I run all of the hunts and travel to all of the locations. Some people also think I write the hunts!

What event was the most ambitious and challenged you the most?

A customized scavenger hunt at a museum in Miami for 150 people. The client had definite ideas on what she wanted, and I needed to make sure this new game exceeded her expectations. The hunt went great thanks to our skilled writing team and our amazing Watson Adventures Host. It went off without a hitch, and the client loved it! 

What is your favorite thing to hear from a client after a game?

“It was so much more fun than I thought it would be!” I hear that often. It is cool to think we change peoples’ perspective on what a scavenger hunt is and how much fun they are! 

What did you do before you joined Watson Adventures?

My job right before starting at Watson Adventures was as an elementary school paraprofessional. It involved working closely with the teachers and staff to come up with creative ways to engage the students. Working in that type of environment has benefited me, and made for an easy transition into collaborating with the Watson Adventures team.

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