How to Lose Your Employees in Less than a Day

It Takes the Whole Team to Life the WorldNot all team building activities are created equal. Just ask the boss who got hit in the crotch by a paintball on their team building endeavor. A recent NPR story shines the spotlight on team building exercises gone awry—concluding that, although intentions can be positive, the outcome can be disastrous.

Don’t want to lose all your employees? Great, we wouldn’t want that for you either. Choose your next company outing wisely and you’ll be toasted rather than roasted in the office. Not sure where to start? Let’s begin with a few don’ts:

Do not assume your team consists of Hercules and Wonder Woman. Everyone has different physical capabilities, and you should respect that. Choosing a physically demanding challenge will certainly isolate your less-active staffers. Find an activity that puts everyone on a level playing field. Our scavenger hunts are not physical fitness tests: the smartest team, not the fastest, comes out winning.

Do not schedule office fun for the weekend or holidays. Remember when you were a kid and went on field trips? That excitement doesn’t go away with age. If you want your employees to feel truly appreciated and bond as a team, take them out of the office during office hours. It shows you value and appreciate their work, leading to higher job satisfaction, greater productivity and a boosted bottom line.

Hunters Treat the Streets like the BeachDo not go for the humdrum. Hitting the bar down the block can grow old, fast. But if you really insist on booze, why not combine the bar with a fun activity beforehand? Many of our clients like to make a bar or restaurant the finish line of the hunt. With our many affordable options, there will be plenty of money left in the budget for a champagne celebration.

Do not let a team building outing be a one-hit wonder. Events shouldn’t just occur once a year. Plan multiple parties and games to keep your employees excited and motivated. Already did one of our hunts? Great! We have many varieties of hunts in many locations, and for something different we have the Trivia Slam, our more interactive spin on pub quizzes. You already know everyone’s going to have a fantastic time!

Don’t let your team building excursion be a bust. Contact us today and learn how we can make your group outing a winner!