Five Traits of Great Teams

Pretend You're on a Carnival Ride GnG ChallengeWe’ve watched a lot of teams over the years since Watson Adventures started offering team-building scavenger hunts in 1999. Consistently, the best teams turn out to be from companies with a record of high productivity and healthy profits. It doesn’t matter if you’re in finance, technology, science or sports—all great teams exhibit the same characteristics.

In a recent Fast Company article, Keith Goudy at Vantage Leadership Consulting revealed five traits exhibited by high-performing teams. We’ve seen how the best teams exhibit the qualities outlined by Goudy:

1. Commitment to Vision and Extraordinary Goals

Our lively Hunt Hosts will rally and inspire your employees while providing them with their mission. The best make it a goal to have fun and get to know each other—while on a quest to win!

2. Equal Accountability for Results

On a strong hunt team, each member plays a vital role. Someone reads the map and directs, another records the answers, and yet another keeps track of the time. If one person fails, the whole team fails. It’s a game of thinking about “we,” not “I.”

All Jump Together Grab N Go Challenge

3.  Transparent Communication

“What wise guy can’t get his wife off his back?” asks one question on the Met Madness Hunt. Everyone pitches in to scour the gallery for the answer. Someone will ask for a team member to read it a few times. Another will say, “Could that be it?” and another will say, “No, because the woman isn’t actually on his back.” And eventually another will discover that it’s Aristotle (because he appears on all fours with his wife on his back)! Keeping to yourself will put your team in last place. On a team, silence isn’t golden.

4.  Converting Problematic Situations into Valuable Experiences

Teams might stumble through a museum at first, but as a hunt goes along the best teams learn from their mistakes—such as discovering they aren’t communicating well. Getting stuck on a hunt question can prove to be a valuable experience if the team notices what’s not working about the team and makes course corrections. Only by acknowledging teamwork problems and working through them do they improve.

Act terrified Grab N Go Challenge

5. Camaraderie

Teams communicate better when they are having fun. Our hunts quickly thaw the ice between players and have them laughing, bonding and enjoying each other’s banter and abilities. Our hunt questions are designed to not only highlight works of art, landmarks or neighborhoods, but also the talents of each team member.

Only one team can come in first place, but multiple teams can win. Groups that have fun and work together effectively come out the true winners. Intrigued with what we can do to help you craft a great team? We offer hunts all across the U.S. Contact us to learn more and find more fun!