Break the Elevator Taboo: How Team Building Scavenger Hunts Foster Better Relations

Chat and Listen to Coworkers and They'll Become FriendsYou’re getting into the elevator and run into that coworker who you’ve seen around but don’t really know his name. Sure, he works in the company, but in a different department. His desk is on the west side; yours is on the east side. There’s no need to interact with him.

The elevator reaches your floor; you both get off and head to your respective desks. Maybe you’ll see him again when you run down for lunch or maybe when you’re ready to call it a day, either way it doesn’t really matter.

This may seem natural, even preferred, but is it really? Studies by Nicholas Epley, professor of behavioral science at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, found otherwise.

Epley discovered people are actually happier after a conversation with strangers, compared to those who kept to themselves. Additionally, his study found that people are not social enough for their own-well being.

This brings us back to the coworker you encountered on the elevator. Why not change coworker into friend?

Turning these virtual strangers into people who are happy to cross each other’s path will enhance both their happiness. Happy employees lead to more productive work, which will increase your bottom line.

Better your business with Watson Adventures’ fun and funny scavenger hunts, which stresses collaboration and teamwork.  Our hunts break down the barrier caused by social rules that bull_bear-01-e1337728551694might be hindering your business.

Watson Adventures’ scavenger hunts provide a level playing field for all ages and physical ability, and are the best way for your company to turn colleagues into genuine team members.

And as a bonus, after a Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunt, running into that coworker on the elevator will no longer be an awkward experience.