Zoo Scavenger Hunts for Zoo Conservation

Mammals, birds, and insects that have been roaming earth for far longer than the days of technology, modern medicine, and Kanye West are now disappearing at an acceleratedPerched Bird rate.

See them before it is too late by letting Watson Adventures turn that visit into a game with a Scavenger Hunt.

Public scavenger hunts are offered in New YorkWashington D.C.Chicago, and San Francisco. Corporate and private hunts are available here as well as Seattle, Houston, St. Louis, and Philadelphia.

You will be sure to see otter this world animals by following tricky and humorous clues that will have you bearly able to contain yourself. Below is a list of endangered animals you will most certainly come across on the scavenger hunts; can you match the scientific name with the animal?

1. Sumatran Tiger, Smithsonian’s National Zoo, Washington D.C.

2. Polar Bear, Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago

3. Siamang, San Francisco Zoo, San Francisco

4. Snow Leopard, Philadelphia Zoo, Philadelphia

5. Sumatran Orangutans, St. Louis Zoo, St. Louis

6. Jaguar, Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle

Walking Penguin

A. Ursus maritimus

B. Pongo abelii

C. Panthera tigris sumatrae

D. Panthera uncial

E. Panthera onca

F. Symphalangus syndactylus

So grab your friends, your kids, or your office and let Watson Adventures take you on a whirlwind tour—showing you the wildest of wildlife while still staying in town. You will explore new facets of the zoo while learning unusual and interesting facts about the animals.

It is a hoot of a time, book now and get in the game!

Answers: 1C, 2A, 3F, 4D, 5B, 6E