Don’t Sweat the Weather: 6 Great Indoor Summer Team Building Activities

Stay Inside With These Summer Team Building Ideas

This summer has been wilder than most, making it harder than ever to plan summer team building activities. Fickle June weather has given way to extreme July heat, to say nothing of wildfire smoke blanketing half the country. We’re seeing the effects first hand, as we work with some groups planning outdoor scavenger hunts to relocate to indoor venues.

So don’t let the crazy summer weather keep you from celebrating the season and your team. Keep things cool with these weather-proof indoor summer team building activities.

Go Somewhere Cool

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And by cool, we mean both fascinating and well air-conditioned. Organize a group of co-workers to visit a museum or aquarium. You’ll skip the weekend crowds, tour an interesting location, and spend time with colleagues in a very different setting than you usually would. Of course, there’s always the option to solve a murder mystery at any aquarium, or to explore museum scavenger hunts around the country.

Office Olympics and Pot Luck

Office Olympics and pot lucks featured in our round-up of 7 fun, mostly outdoor summer team building ideas, but they’re stellar options for staying inside. For your Olympic games, organize a slate of different events, such as rubber-band archery, paper-plate discus, and table tennis. Reward winners with a medal ceremony, and even cap things off with an Olympics trivia game.

And once everyone has worked up an appetite, it’s time for the pot luck. If you’re trying into the Olympics theme, everyone can bring a dish from a different culture or country. Or just have everyone make what they love. Colleagues and competitors will get to relive the highlights (and lowlights) of the games as they eat.

The Games Must Go On

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For a less physical option, consider arranging a board game tournament, or simply a gaming day. Bond with co-workers over a game of Monopoly, Scrabble, or bird-watching. Or if some colleagues are game to try it, get creative and spend an afternoon learning the ropes of Dungeons & Dragons. Want something a bit more high tech? Hook up a Nintendo Switch to the conference room TV and play some multiplayer games like Mario Kart. Whatever you choose, a gaming day is a low-key, low-cost chance to bring colleagues together.

Escape the Office

Without even leaving the office! Get your team together to try out one of the many boxed “escape room” games that are out there and see how well you do. Or divide into groups and compete to be the fastest. For a less structured event, but teams in rooms with a few brain teaser puzzles and the like, and see who can solve them and “escape” first. Or for an even more memorable experience, tackle the Murder by Team Building Game or Puzzled to Death: A Game of Murder Mystery Puzzles.

Team Building Games

Our many team building scavenger hunts and virtual games focus on collaboration, communication, and creativity. Enjoy all sorts of trivia games either in-person or virtually, solve a murder mystery at the office or a rented space, or get inventive on free-form Grab ‘n’ Go scavenger hunts.

Find More Indoor Fun

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Image credits: Scrabble photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash