Christmas Cringe: 7 Famous Paintings That Make Really Bad Holiday Cards

Ho-Ho-Horrible Holiday Cards

With the holidays fast approaching, you can find lovely holiday cards featuring gorgeous art and heartfelt sentiments any old place. Know what you won’t find out there? Awkward, awful holiday cards based on famous paintings. Good thing you’ve come here instead!

Our virtual holiday games, in which you travel the world, solve a mystery, or show off your trivia chops, often include renowned museums and memorable art. In the spirit of seasonal silliness, we’ve taken some of our favorite art and put together 7 amazingly bad holiday cards. Whether you send them to loved ones or just get a good laugh, please enjoy these weird creations.

A Holiday Toast?

Watson Adventure Bad Holiday Cards

Merry Chrishmash to me, murry Chreshmush *hic* to me! (P.S. This is why we drink eggnog over the holidays instead of absinthe, kids.)

That’s Naughty List Behavior, Santa

Watson Adventure Bad Holiday Cards

Rudolph really, really let this guy down. Ever heard of Google Maps, Santa?!

Happy Forkin’ Holidays

Watson Adventure Bad Holiday Cards

No. No you don’t.

Vive la Holidays!

Watson Adventure Bad Holiday Cards

Sure hope Grandma has room for a few hundred hungry Minutemen.

‘Tis the Chris-Munch Season

Watson Adventure Bad Holiday Cards

The in-laws must be in town.

We Said “Sleigh,” Not “Slay”

Watson Adventure Bad Holiday Cards

Oh Salome, you’re so, um…thoughtful…

Just Don’t Talk With Your Mouth Full

Watson Adventure Bad Holiday Cards

This is what happens when you forget to leave out the milk and cookies.

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All paintings in the public domain; cards created via Canva