9 Awesome New Gift Ideas From Museums

Forget the person who has everything—what do you get everybody else? The absolute best gift ever is easy: Give your loved ones an adventure with a Watson Adventures gift certificate.

But you probably need more gifts on top of that, so read on for nine gift ideas from some of our favorite museums. Some are beautiful, some are silly, and one or two are a little out there—but they all make amazing presents.

1. Smartphone Projector

This handy little guy will be perfect for sharing all those videos you took of cute kids opening presents or embarrassing relatives getting into heated arguments over a game of Apples to Apples. De Young Museum, Los Angeles, $40

2. Dinosaur Hands Temporary Tattoos

These weird, adorable temporary tattoos are begging for you to eat something with your hands. Houston Museum of Natural Science, $7.95 for a set of 8

3. Deja Vu Watch

Leave it to the High Museum to bring you a beautifully trippy way to both tell time and confuse yourself whenever you try to tell time. High Museum of Atlanta, $70.

4. Lucy Bust

When what you’re missing is a missing link, click this link to find what you’re missing. Field Museum, Chicago, $36

5. Samurai Umbrella

An umbrella that looks like a samurai sword? Let’s take bets on how quickly someone loses an eye because its new owner couldn’t resist opening it with a super-cool slashing move. (We give it 15 minutes.) Art Institute of Chicago, $38

6. Brooklyn Sewer Pillow

Because pretty soon the only halfway affordable space in Brooklyn will be underground with the mole people, here’s a $55(!) pillow of a manhole cover. Wait, the mole people got two Starbucks and a Shake Shack in the time it took us to write that sentence? Oh well, you can say you liked this pillow before it was cool. Brooklyn Museum of Art, $55

7. Christian Lacroix Shaman Night Advent Calendar

This glorious, gorgeous, bizarre piece of art is a 3D pop-up advent calendar by the French fashion designer Christian Lacroix. Honestly, this vibrant piece speaks for itself. LACMA, Los Angeles, $55

8. Disgusted

Just try not to pick this guy’s nose. We quintuple-dog dare you. Getty Center, Los Angeles, $20

9. Dandelion Objet D’art

Who knew a weed could be so lovely? Frozen in time (and acrylic—seriously, how did they manage that), this actual dandelion makes for a genuinely beautiful, if outrageously expensive, work of art. MoMA, New York, $375

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