8 Hilarious Holiday Cards and Art Memes to Celebrate the Season

Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like a thing that says “Happy Holidays,” and some of these festive cards and art memes do that!

Can you tell we’re ready for some eggnog? In fact, we’re just going to dip out of the office here and find some while you enjoy these silly things we made for you. And, sincerely, happy holidays!

1. A Very Gothic Hanukkah

Their eight nights were perhaps not that crazy.  (American Gothic, Grant Wood)

2. Christmas in June

At least drink it from a mug or something, geez. Let’s hope Santa left some Gatorade and Pedialyte under the tree.  (Flaming June, Frederic Leighton)

3. It Probably Wouldn’t

…But listen, it’s a crazy time of year. Busy busy busy, gotta go!  (Whistler’s Mother, James Whistler)

4. Can Napoleon Drive Home a Pun? Of Corsican

Crossing the Alps on a neigh ride together with you.  (Napoleon Crossing the AlpsJacques-Louis David)

5. We Are So Getting a Lump of Coal for This One

Worth It.  (Nighthawks, Edward Hopper)

6. But Seriously, Though

Have a safe and happy holiday season! And if you’re stumped for last-minute gifts, ’tis the season for a Watson Adventures gift certificate.  (Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci)