Say Cheese: More of the Best Team Photos of 2018

Happy New Year (almost)! It’s very nearly time to bid a fond farewell to 2018, and to think back on all the fun you had this year.

Here at Watson Adventures, that means admiring the witty, goofy, and just plain strange photos teams have taken over the course of hundreds of scavenger hunts this year. We rounded up some of our early favorites in July, and now here are 25 more of the best photos you and your fellow hunters took this year!


That one dude’s face say it all.

Now It’s a Potty!

When you gotta go, you gotta go. But really, please, close the door next time.

It’s the Schuyler, Uh…Brothers?

They’re the under-under-understudies.

Watch Where You’re Going!

You shouldn’t need teamwork to look both ways.

¡Ay, caramba!

You’re on a scavenger hunt, this is no time for a siesta!

Hello, Tiny People

He’s got the whooole team, in his hands!

Hello, More Tiny People

Maybe we should stop handing out shrink rays on our scavenger hunts.

Hello, Tiny Building

High Five! Oh darn, there’s a skyscraper in the way.

Able To Prop Up Tall Buildings…

With a single team. Now that’s super, man!

Hungry, Hungry Statue

When your team’s getting eaten by a giant sculpture, you naturally…stop to take a photo.

We Wouldn’t Dream Of It


Seeing Double

Just a buncha scavenger hunters bein’ all artsy and cool.

Children of the Corn

Or swamp, or whatever. Watch out for gators!

Gimme That!

Just a little friendly competition folks, nothing to see here.

No, Give Me That!

OK, everybody calm down. I’m sure there’s enough, uh, pink rope to go around.

The Birds!

That’s what you get for calling them rats with wings.


C’mon, you can do better than that.


That’s a little higher.


Now we’re getting somewhere!

And Away!

Sure hope they stuck the landing.

Hello, Giant People

Anyone else getting kinda dizzy?

Under the Sea

Down here all the fish is happy … and so were the poor, unfortunate souls who weren’t as photogenic as this group.

On a Scooter Built for…Four?

Yeah, that is gonna be one short, uncomfortable ride.

Boom Goes the Cannon

Onward to victory, hunters!

Plie All Day

Hey, guy in the back, we salute you for trying.

Join the Fun

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