4 Cool, Unusual Things You Should Resolve to Do at Museums in 2019

The year is a couple weeks old by now, which means most New Year’s resolutions are long forgotten. Lucky for you, then, that museums around the country offer activities that might entice you to make new resolutions—ones you might even stick to! Here are a few suggestions.

Resolve to Do Art

Could there be a more inspiring place to make art than an art museum? New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art hosts monthly drop-in drawing groups: free, all-ages sessions throughout the museum that let you show up and draw some of the finest art in the world. The Philadelphia Museum of Art invites visitors to stop by and draw Rodin’s masterpieces during its monthly Second Saturday Sketch.

You can also find drawing classes at museums in Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles, among many others.

Resolve to Be at Peace

Floating quietly through hushed galleries of mesmerizing art can be a meditative experience in its own right, but many museum take things even further. The Cleveland Museum of Art, the Denver Museum of Art, and the Rubin in New York are just a few that offer meditation programs.

And the Museum of Modern Art presents Quiet Mornings, in which the museum opens at 7:30 am and encourages visitors to move slowly, silence their gadgets, and immerse themselves quietly in the art before joining a drop-in meditation session.

Resolve to Stretch It Out

If you want something a little more active, try yoga at the museum. You’ll find opportunities in countless museums, from the San Diego Museum of Man to the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum outside Boston. Probably the grandest museum yoga sesh pops off at the Brooklyn Museum, where as many as 300 people get their namaste on in the expansive, wall-to-wall-marble Beaux-Arts Court.

Resolve to Party Hearty

Hey, sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is have a little fun. Check out this list of eight awesome after-hours parties at museums around the country. Having been to some of them ourselves, we can resolutely promise: They’re a ton of fun!