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The Wild Wildlife
Scavenger Hunt

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The Wild Wildlife Scavenger Hunt

Monkey around with some fantastic beasts…

…on this searchin’ safari at the St. Louis Zoo, just minutes from downtown St. Louis. On teams, you’ll follow a trail of clues and answer tricky, humorous questions to uncover the most amazing and amusing aspects of its animals, from butterflies to elephants.

Along the way, you’ll check out River’s Edge, where you’ll cheat the cheetahs and laugh back at the hyenas. You’ll explore the Wild zone, where one moment you’re peering at penguins in the sub-Antarctic and the next you’re going ape for great apes in a tropical rain forest. You’ll search for primates and reptiles among 1920s buildings in the Historic Hill. And you’ll quiz big cats lounging in the Red Rocks zone.

Your team might tackle such questions as…

  • Visit the Bear Bluffs, and find a spot where you can see a panda and a polar bear at the same time, in 2D. Check out a section that you might think is about a Cub Scout leader. If you had grown up at the same rate as a bear, how much would you weigh today? Answer: Over 6,000 pounds, according to sign with a section titled “The Den Mother.”
  • Visit the Primate House. When two kinds of related creatures in here wave either their long tails or ring tails at you, what kind of battle have you found yourself in? Answer: Long-Tailed Lemurs and Ring-Tailed Lemurs deploy their tails to engage in “stink fights.”
  • Go to the Sea Lion Landing. If you and a sea lion had a contest to see who could hold his breath longest underwater, what surprising thing would the sea lion do before diving into the water? Answer: Sea lions exhale before they dive.

Did these questions puzzle you? Don’t worry: they’re designed to be answered only when you’re standing in the right spot, looking at the right thing. Plus, they’re meant to be tackled with teamwork, engaging the talents and participation of every member of your group. No previous knowledge of the zoo or its residents is required: you just need sharp eyes and comfy shoes.

While on safari, you’ll also be on the lookout for opportunities to take unusual Team Photos.

A Murder Mystery Edition is also available, in which your team of sleuths must crack a code and catch a killer.

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