Rain, Shmain: How to Weather-Proof Your Team Building Activites

Watson Adventures Weather Proof Corporate and Private Scavenger Hunts

Tell us if this sounds familiar: The forecast promises sunny skies and mild weather for the next week and a half, and instead you’re slogging through 100-degree temps. Or the weather app on your phone tells you it’s sunny out…even as it’s raining cats and dogs outside.

Weather can change on a dime, which can be a serious problem when you’re planning an outdoor team-building event. Who wants to get to know their coworkers better in the midst of a sudden downpour? 

Don’t sweat it, because we can change on a dime too. A smart team-building company like us always has a backup plan. We can move your scavenger hunt inside with as little as 24 hours’ notice if the weather looks dicey, and we have hundreds of both outdoor and indoor options to choose from.

Three ways we’ve helped clients outsmart Mother Nature

Watson Adventures Weather Proof Corporate and Private Scavenger Hunts School1. When the weather forecast looked wet, many of our clients—including Kraft Foods, Google, and Disney—have moved inside to a museum or a unique venue.  

Roaming the halls and galleries of a world-class museum or one of our unique indoor partner venues made everyone forget about the weather outside.

2. A major consulting company was planning a company-wide midtown Manhattan outing for 500 employees. When the clouds gathered, we switched their event to our successful indoor Trivia Slam game

3. When MasterCard was planning a team building activity at their retreat at a resort, they asked us to create a scavenger hunt that could be done both inside and outside. We did—and it included unique photo challenges outside and fun music challenges inside. We also now offer a variety of games that can be completely inside, in your office.

Fear not, company outing planners. When it comes to weatherproofing, Watson Adventures has you covered (in many cases, quite literally). Our staff is famous for its can-do spirit. We haven’t encountered a situation yet that we couldn’t, um, weather.

Watson Adventures Weather Proof Corporate and Private Scavenger Hunts Stage

Learn More and Get in the Game!

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