Virtual Team Building Activities: How You Can Unite People in Different Places

Virtual Team Building Activities for Teams That Can’t Get Together

Whether your company is tightening its belt during uncertain times, or you’re all stuck working from home, virtual team building activities are still important. Fostering closer bonds, polishing up your teamwork, and simply getting some face time together makes your group happier, more efficient, and less isolated.

When that face time can’t be face-to-face time, we can help.

We offer some hunts and games as virtual team building activities—video-conferenced games with a professional Watson Adventures event host leading you every step of the way. Our hilarious, fast-paced Trivia Slam games can be played almost anywhere and with as many teams in as many places as you need. And the twist-filled Murder by Team Building Game was built from the ground up to accommodate a virtual activity.

Besides staying safe, here are a few great reasons to organize team building activities for virtual teams.

People who have never met still get to experience something together

For a bi-coastal company, or a corporation with far-flung offices, arranging for multiple teams to meet in one place can be difficult—if not practically impossible! That’s a lot of schedules to sync up.

Connecting different groups by video conference and playing a team game together can be just as rewarding as being in the same room, and infinitely easier to arrange.

Virtual team building activities can include more people

Sure, we’ve run scavenger hunts and games for groups as large as 500 or so people, but those require serious venues and events. Connecting teams for a virtual trivia game or murder mystery puzzle does away with all that—suddenly you can link up anyone and everyone. That’s every member of your team, no matter how many there are, working together and having fun together.

Virtual team building activities can be better for the environment

These days, the carbon footprint of a corporate event that involves flying in co-workers from all over the country, or all over the world, is nothing to sneeze at. Give the earth a break with a virtual team building activity.

They’re cost effective, too

Instead of springing for airfare, lodging, food, drink, venue, and so much more, you can get your team together virtually and enjoying a Watson Adventures team building game for far less money. That means you can enjoy even more team building activities throughout the year, which will bring your team even closer together.

And weather won’t be a problem

We have a few options for weather-proofing your corporate events, but virtual team building activities take the cake. You don’t need to worry about travel delays, a rained-out event, or the time of year. Whatever the weather’s doing outside, you’ll be stress-free, solving a virtual murder mystery inside.