Top 10 Occasions for Team Building Scavenger Hunts

Team Building Scavenger Hunts for Every Occasion

Corporate team building events come in all shapes and sizes—and one size does not necessarily fit all. Maybe your small department wants to celebrate a record quarter. Maybe your firm has 200 summer associates to onboard. And sometimes, it might not have occurred to you that a situation warrants an organized activity. Here are 10 great occasions to arrange team building scavenger hunts and activities.

Bringing Your Hybrid Workplace Together

More than ever, the workplace is wherever your colleagues are. Some are in the office full time, some part time. Some are hot-desking, and still others are fully WFH. Team building scavenger hunts can bring everyone together, even when they’re apart.

Of course, for that to work, you need an experience that feels good in either format. That’s why we’ve developed certain activities, such as the Murder By Team Building Game, to work for in-person groups, hybrid offices, and fully virtual teams.

Orientation & On-Boarding

So you have 15—or 500—new hires or summer associates to introduce to each other and to your culture. Team building scavenger hunts scale perfectly well for groups even in the hundreds, grouping everyone into manageable team sizes and giving new colleagues a chance to meet.

Staff Meetups & Morale Events

Nothing breaks up the routine of hours of meetings and presentations like a morale-boosting activity. Not only does solving a murder mystery, for example, offer a fun break and recharge colleagues’ batteries, it also keeps everyone in a team-oriented mindset.

Professional Networking Events

If you’re planning a professional networking event, don’t just throw everyone into a drab ballroom with a shrimp platter and a pile of nametags. Team them up and engage them with trivia games or puzzling mysteries.

Summer Associates

For many firms, summer brings an influx of summer associates. Team building scavenger hunts get them integrated with colleagues, finding their fit, and honing their teamwork.

Summer Off-Sites

Summer also offers a great excuse to organize energetic, memorable company off-sites—which are more important and enticing than ever.

Happy Hour Events

Speaking of great excuses to enjoy time with your colleagues, team building scavenger hunts and games go hand in hand with happy hour. You don’t have to play Cheers! It’s the Virtual Happy Hour Game, but it’s right there in the name, after all.

Senior Leader Event

Team building provides real benefits to senior leadership too. Highly engaged senior executives have a huge positive impact on employee engagement and team morale. So for the good of your company, gather your C-suite professionals and get team building.

Introduction to a New Location

Whether you’re introducing new hires to their new neighborhood, or relocating your office and showing existing employees their new digs, do it through a fun activity. With team building scavenger hunts in countless neighborhoods around the country, as well as games you can play anywhere, we can help you get to know your new work home.

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