Secret of the Fortune 500? Trust Watson for Event Planning

What do 80 of the top 100 companies on the Fortune 500 have in common (other than bragging rights and—we’re guessing—good benefits packages)? Us!

That’s right, 80% of the biggest and most robust corporations in the country have made the same smart decision when it was time to create an unforgettable team event: they’ve booked a corporate scavenger hunt with Watson Adventures Scavenger. We also received a glowing report card from the Franklin Report. Plus Watson Adventures is the company museums across the country turn to first for smart team building activities in their galleries.

The Watson Adventures Edge

Watson Adventures Corporate Hunt

Watson Adventures has become the go-to resource for savvy corporate event planners by proving, time and again since 1999, that we can handle any challenge you throw our way. We understand the pressure you’re under. Your typical team building assignment looks something like this:

Make the newbies feel welcome! Inspire the veterans to feel like newbies again! Provide a little something for everyone, from the top brass to the rank-and-file. Make it all run like clockwork. Oh, and extra credit if it’s somehow customized for our brand.

It’s a pretty tall order, right? But here’s what Amazon, Apple, Oprah, and the rest of our A-list corporate clients have discovered: One email or phone call to Watson Adventures connects you with:

  • A team of planning wizards and adventure-making artisans, ready to help you identify, and fine-tune, the perfect venue and scavenger hunt or game for your crew
  • An army of hunt hosts who consistently earn rave reviews for their organization, energy, and enthusiasm
  • A network of sought-after museums and top-tier venues, cultivated since 1999. All standing by to host your team on an amazing Watson Adventure.

Top Museums Prefer Watson Adventures

LA Corporate Scavenger Hunt

Ponder that last point: Before we could earn the trust of major corporations, we had to build solid relationships with the most prestigious cultural institutions in the country. The Metropolitan Museum of Art itself informs us that we rank third among companies that bring groups to their galleries. (First and second place go to tour companies that cater to Chinese tourists and Mormons. Seriously.) When museums need a special event for their members, or need a new way to engage corporate groups, they call us—including such great venues as Boston’s Museum of Science, the Brooklyn Museum, the American Museum of Natural History, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Houston Natural Science Museum, Milwaukee’s Harley-Davidson Museum…the list goes on—and continues to grow.

These institutions seek us out, because they know we can bring a smart, fun, well-structured, and organized activity to their doors. We’ve earned their confidence. And you can be confident we’ll earn yours.

Booking a team building event shouldn’t be a gamble that keeps you awake at night. Call us…and relax.

Learn More and Get in the Game!

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