Discover a World of Secrets in This NYC Video Adventure

In which George discovers team building with a twist

What looks like scavenger hunt, sounds like a scavenger hunt, walks like a scavenger hunt…but isn’t a scavenger hunt? It’s what Watson Adventures has been staging since 1999. And ever since then we’ve faced the dilemma of how to explain to people how our games are, well, like walking tours spiked with caffeine. You’re not just collecting objects: you’re collecting answers to tricky and humorous questions, as you follow a trail of clues that provides a tour of a cool neighborhood or museum and reveals hidden treasures.

So how could we give people pondering a Watson Adventures scavenger hunt a sense of what the games are like? We put that question to the creative geniuses at SAGA Content, and they came up with the video above. Put yourself in the shoes of George (played by the very entertaining Haig Hovnanian), strap on some metaphorical goggles, and see the world anew—in this case, while doing the Secrets of Wall Street Scavenger Hunt in lower Manhattan. We offer similar experiences in cities and towns from Boston to Los Angeles, Seattle to Miami. The video gives you a sense of the remarkable secrets your team will discover on a hunt. 

This can be your secret weapon when organizing a team building activity for your group: even the grumps who hate games find themselves having fun when they realize their efforts are paid off in cool discoveries. Our favorite post-game comments come from the players who say, “I’ve walked past here every day, but I never noticed this and didn’t know about that!

Of course the best way for you to truly understand what it’s like to be on a Watson Adventures scavenger hunt is to go on one! Contact us to learn more—and find more fun in your favorite city!