3 Ways Team Building Scavenger Hunts Help New Hires Hit the Ground Running

Watson Adventures New Hire Team BuildingWhat’s the best way to say “Welcome!” to your new hires, once you’ve shown them where the bathroom is and signed them up for direct deposit? Round ’em up for a fun, challenging, occasionally frenetic team-building activity that will help them get to know their coworkers, their (possibly) new city, and some quirky facts they can impress their friends with.

Most importantly, show your newbies that they’ve joined a cool company that knows how to have fun. Here’s how.

Bond…Employees Bond

Studies show that companies that have fun together make more money. Plus…they have fun! Giving your new hires an early, memorable opportunity to bond with one another through a corporate team building activity is one of the easiest ways to ensure that they come to work happy, energized, and eager to play for the team.

Skills That Pay the Bills

The right activity can also reveal hidden talents that may not be on someone’s resume. Like that new guy in accounting—who knew he was an ace map reader and an Amazing Race buff? Watson Adventures scavenger hunts have a way of bringing out each team member’s unique skills and strengths, whether it’s navigating their way around the streets of Greenwich Village, decoding tricky clues at the National Air & Space Museum, or coming up with the most creative photo ideas.

Corporate Team Building Watson Adventures

This Time It’s Personal

Customize your hunt and the fun gets even more functional. Include a Know-Your-Colleagues Quiz, made up of interesting facts about your colleagues. On a Grab-n-Go Scavenger Hunt, let us know what information about your company you want to highlight, be it your history, a new campaign or goal, or introducing a particular member of your team. We customize our corporate scavenger hunts and their challenges around your message points. You get the credit for being a kick-ass communicator, not to mention a maestro of fun.

You’re welcome. (And those new hires will feel welcome, too.)

Learn More and Get in the Game!

Learn more about our Corporate Scavenger Hunts or explore options in your city. You can also contact us via our online form or call us at 877-946-4868, extension 111.

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