Meet the Team Building Experts Behind Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunts: Q&A with Christine Young

Get to Know the Team Building Experts

Over 20 years of team building scavenger hunts don’t just happen—they require a skilled, experienced team to conceive, plan, and execute. That’s where we come in.

From in-person scavenger hunts to virtual games, our hundreds of team building options have delighted thousands of clients over the years. And that success stems from the people who work at Watson Adventures. Today, please meet one of the people behind the scenes who keep team building events running like clockwork over and over again: sales representative Christine Young.

Sales representative Christine Young

What’s the best part of your job?

Getting post-hunt emails or calls from clients and hearing how much fun everyone had!

What is the most unusual request you’ve gotten from a client?

Asking if the Host would also dress up for the client’s virtual Halloween party. Which of course our Host did!

What reaction do you usually get when you tell people what you do for a living?

Shock! It’s a pretty big pivot from what I used to do, but people are interested to hear how it works.

What did you do before you joined Watson Adventures?

A boring job in finance and banking. 

What is your favorite thing to hear from a client after a game?

That the hunt was even better than they excepted it to be! Or when the organizer gets kudos from colleagues on setting up such a fun and unique team building event.

What interest from your past suggests you were destined to do this unusual profession?

I am a super planner! I’ve always taken over when planning a party, trip, dinner, and so on. So I think it comes naturally to help groups find the best hunt or game for their own events.

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