Meet the Team Building Experts Behind Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunts: Q&A with Anne Parker

Get to Know the Team Building Experts

More than 20 years of team building scavenger hunts don’t just happen—they require a skilled, experienced team to conceive, plan, and execute. That’s where we come in.

From in-person scavenger hunts to virtual games, our hundreds of team building options have delighted thousands of clients over the years. And that success stems from the people who work at Watson Adventures. Today, please meet one of the people behind the scenes who keep team building events running like clockwork over and over again: sales representative Anne Parker.

Watson Adventures team building experts Anne Parker

What’s the best part of your job?

Receiving unsolicited positive feedback from a client after they finish a hunt.  

What is the strangest reaction you’ve gotten when you tell people what you do for a living?

I don’t really get a strange reaction when I tell people what I do. The typical response is something to the effect of, “That is so cool” (i.e., so much cooler than my job actually is!)

What event was the most ambitious and challenged you the most?

Holiday season 2020. Everyone was virtual for the holiday season of 2020, and companies were desperate to get their teams together. We were the busiest we have ever been and we came together as a team to provide holiday cheer to so many clients all over the world. It was crazy busy, but rewarding to be sharing such an awesome virtual product.

What is your favorite thing to hear from a client after a game?

I love when clients send me emails saying they can’t wait to do another hunt, or that they are forwarding my information on to colleagues and friends. Here are a few recent examples:  

  • “We are looking forward to doing another one on our next New York trip!”
  • “We will be back in touch for our next visit to NY.”
  • “I am forwarding your information to the other executive assistants as a teambuilding idea for their teams.”
  • “The game was fun and challenging, and I look forward to playing again!!”
  • “Incredible kudos to you and your team. I will be recommending this to everyone.”

What interest from your past suggests you were destined to do this unusual profession?

For better of for worse, I am a people pleaser by nature. This job is great for me because it is easy to make my clients happy with our awesome hunts. Win-win!  

What did you do before you joined Watson Adventures?

I started my career as a management consultant and HR specialist. I took several years off to be a professional volunteer while my kids were little. I went back to work as a bookkeeper and, thankfully, my sister-in-law introduced me to Watson Adventures 6 years ago. I won the job lottery with Watson Adventures!

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