Eat, Play, Love: The Latest (& Greatest) Team Building Trends

Once considered a bit of a boondoggle or an “extra,” team building outings and activities are now widely recognized as essential to the health and growth of any business. But it’s no longer enough to take your crew out for a round of golf or a rousing evening of karaoke (though if you’re going, count us in). The perfect team building activity should reflect not only the specific needs and challenges of your organization, but also the mood of the moment.

Want to stay ahead of the curve? Tap into these team building trends.

Hunger Games

Watson Adventures Best Photos 2016Food is hot—just ask any supermodel with a cookbook deal. And nothing brings people together better—just ask your grandmother. For a gastronomic adventure that will also challenge your team’s skills and savvy, Watson Adventures “Munch Hunts” (now offered in seven cities) hit the proverbial spot, combining our notoriously clever clues and puzzles with your town’s tastiest, most iconic, and most unusual noshes.

Let’s Pretend

There’s no escaping it—escape rooms and other simulation games are cropping up everywhere. And what better way to forge your dream team than by dropping them into a situation that’s time-sensitive, faux-stressful, and crazy fun? Watson Adventures now has “escape hunts” in venues like the Art Institute of Chicago and more—because why lock yourself in a drab room when you can unlock the clues of a world-class museum? (Just don’t get too distracted—the clock is ticking!) And if you’re unable to escape the confines of your office, no sweat: Murder by Team Building brings all the frenetic simulated fun to you.

Goodwill Hunting

Watson Adventures Trivia Slam CorreyActivities with a charitable component evoke the time-honored practice of doing well by doing good. Participants get the immediate satisfaction of working together to give back—whether to the community, an individual, or each other. And your company can bask in the glow of goodwill you create. Check out our Random Acts of Kindness hunts, available anywhere and welcome everywhere. The definition of a win-win.

On top of everything else, Watson Adventures also offers games your team can play on any smartphone or tablet. Enjoy all the fun of our acclaimed hunts with the bonus of real-time answers, additional hints, humorous sounds (honk!) and more. Tech nerds, take note: It’s your turn to be trendy.

Get in the Game

Watson Adventures offers team building scavenger hunts throughout the country. On teams, you’ll follow clues to uncover secrets about the places you visit and perhaps take creative team photos. Learn more or contact us about team building scavenger hunts.