4 Reasons to Skip the Escape Room and Join a Team-Building Scavenger Hunt

Watson Adventures Corporate Scavenger Hunt Winners

Imagine being locked in a room with your coworkers

…and almost no chance of escape! Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? For some people a game like that can be fun, sure. But if our 15+ years in the business of entertaining customers has taught us anything, it’s that your group would appreciate a more varied adventure—and more bang for your buck.

Escape rooms started popping up all over the place a few years ago, and now they’re a staple of small parties with an hour to kill. They can be fun—if you enjoy doing nothing but solving puzzles for an hour. Squeezing a group of co-workers into a small space can only get you so far, especially if your goal is team building and group bonding. The nearly limitless options afforded by Watson Adventures scavenger hunts, on the other hand, have those run-of-the-mill rooms beat by my a mile. Here’s why.

You get to explore a museum or historic location

The cornerstone of our scavenger hunts involves showing teams the fun and surprising secrets behind their favorite museums and neighborhood landmarks. Yes, you could stare at a handful of escape-room puzzles for an hour, or you could tour world-famous art museums, quirky neighborhoods, fascinating science centers, amazing zoos, and more. Which option sounds more likely to convert the grumps in your group?

We can handle all sizes

Got a group of 20? 100? 200? Good luck cramming all those people into an escape room—or even a couple of escape rooms. Even a small group can feel cramped and claustrophobic in one of those.

Unlike escape rooms, our scavenger hunts can accommodate team building groups as small as two people and as large as hundreds of people. Oh, and don’t forget that they’re customizable to your team and goals. Try getting that from of a cookie-cutter escape room.

Watson Adventures Corporate Scavenger Hunt Winners

Our scavenger hunts are always high quality

The escape-room fad has produced so many companies in so little time that it’s hard to know which are any good. How do you tell the good ones from the shabby ones out to make a quick buck? You never have to worry about that with Watson Adventures, because our hundreds of scavenger hunts, all over the country, all come from the same crack team of writers and puzzle masters.

Plus our secret weapon is humor, something that’s hard to work into puzzles and code numbers.

We make sure players succeed

Winning isn’t everything, but it certainly is something. And having a fighting chance can be the difference in a corporate team building event. Thing is, escape rooms have horrendously low success rates: Something like 30 percent of players ever escape, or even come close! Over the years, we’ve found the sweet spot on our scavenger hunts. We know how to make our games rewardingly challenging, but not too challenging—and our success rates live firmly in the 80-percent range.

Now get in the game

Watson Adventures offers team building scavenger hunts activities all over the country. On teams, you’ll follow clues to uncover secrets about the places you visit, take creative team photos, work together to solve intricate puzzles, and more. Learn more or contact us about team building scavenger hunts.