Mini Game: Try Out the Women of the Met Scavenger Hunt

On our newest scavenger hunt, you’ll meet the women of the Metropolitan Museum of Art: art of women, art by women, and the stories behind them. The Women of the Met Scavenger Hunt reveals the many ways famous and formidable females have made history—and herstory. With smartphone in hand, your team will follow a trail of tricky clues and answer fun questions about intriguing paintings, sculptures, and tell-tale objects, all by, for, or featuring women.

This hunt was originally introduced as a rare do-it-yourself hunt in celebration of Women’s History Month. That version of the hunt is no longer available, but an expanded 90-minute hunt is now available for private groups, as well as a version for kids.

Can’t make it to the Met? Or want a sneak preview? Read on to play a mini-game, with six questions from the hunt…  

The Questions

Each of the following questions corresponds to one of the pieces of art below. Using clues in the question, match it to the appropriate artwork. To answer the question itself, click on the image to learn more about the work on the Met’s website. All the answers are at the end of this quiz. No peeking!

Note: These questions are simplified versions similar to the ones you’ll play on the Women of the Met Scavenger Hunt. Answering these might spoil a bit of the fun of doing the hunt at the museum.

1. Find a famous heroine with a sharp, um, temper. Before she used that to take a little off the top, what did she use to reel in her target?

2. One woman is all dressed up with nowhere to go, though she appears to be looking around for somewhere to be. In fact, she’s only where she is now because of a promise. What can you find that proves that promise has been broken?

3. Glimpse a girl with a ghostly guy in her garden. For how long is he beckoning her to battle?

4. Start horsing around to find out: What did this painting’s painter have to do so she could work without being bothered?

5. Someone here is accessorized for singin’ in the rain, but not dressed for it. In his past life, what could her creator have supplied her (and her companions) to help with that?

6. Face a lonely head of state. As befits a queen mother, she is surrounded by an entourage. Look closely to find out: Other than men, what makes up that entourage?

The Art

Watson Adventures Met Museum Joan of Arc

The Answers

1. Judith used her coquettish appeal to seduce Holofernes before cutting his head off.

2. Sargent sold ‘Madame X’ to the Met on the condition that they keep her real name a secret—but you can read it right there on their website!

3. The ghostly saint invites Joan of Arc to join the Hundred Years War.

4. Bonheur had to dress as a man to keep a low profile while she worked on ‘The Horse Fair.’

5. Before turning to painting, Hirshfield once owned a women’s coat and suit company.

6. The border of the Queen Mother Pendant is made up of bearded men and elephants

Find More Fun

If you enjoyed that, visit the Women of the Met Scavenger Hunt page for instructions on how to join this one-of-a-kind game celebrating Women’s History Month.

Check out the Public Scavenger Hunt schedule to find a hunt in seven cities around the country. To ask us about arranging a corporate scavenger hunt anywhere, contact us online or at 877-946-4868, extension 111.

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