Love in Alderaan Places—and Other Awesome Team Names for Scavenger Hunts and Treasure Hunts

Watson Adventures Great Scavenger Hunt Team NamesOne sign of great teamwork: a great team name. As America’s premier, number one, top dog, supremo masters of scavenger hunts—and yeah, OK, treasure hunts too—we’ve seen a lot of creative team names since we began in 1999. We’ve shared some great ones with you before, such as here and here, as well as on Facebook.

But this spring, participants on our public hunts for Star Wars fans and Harry Potter fans outdid themselves, as you’ll see below. Teams on our corporate team building and private scavenger hunts were not to be outdone, as you’ll also see below. Ladies and gentlemen, start your pun-gines!

The Museum Strikes Back Scavenger Hunt, for Star Wars fans

Love in Alderaan Places
Jabba the Hunt
Jedi Flunk Outs
Star Warts: The Growth Awakens
Han Slo-Mo
B-B-B-Boba and the Fetts
Wookiees of the Year
Ewokalypse Now

Watson Adventures Great Scavenger Hunt Team Names

The Wizard School Scavenger Hunt, for Harry Potter Fans

Dumb & Dumbledore
Granger Danger
Snapes on a Plane
Slytherin through the Met
The Emma Watson Adventures
That’s So Ravenclaw
Long Live Alan Rickman
Hey, Hey We’re the Muggles
The Voldemorticians
2 Legit to Quidditch (Hey, Hey)

Art Museum Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunts

Van Goghing to Catch You
The Irene Adler Investigators
Sleuth Dog
Fraud Monet
Deer Stalkers
Law & Order CVU (Curators Victims Unit)
“What, son?!”
Degas Nothing on Us

Watson Adventures Great Scavenger Hunt Team Names

Assorted Scavenger Hunt Team Names

Getty Center, Los Angeles: Getty, Set, Go; Let’s Get Getty to Rumble; We Can’t Be Baroquen
Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, New York: Waximum Exposure
National Museum of American History, Washington, D.C.: History Can’t Be Trumped
Huntington Library, San Marino, CA: The Huntington & Gatherers
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York: Gold “Met-Alist”
Museum of Modern Art, New York: MoMA Needs a New Pair of Shoes!; MoMAmia!
Museum of Natural History, New York: Keeping Up with the Indiana Jones
Franklin Institute, Philadelphia: Benjamin Frank-wins

Munch Scavenger Hunts, featuring gourmet foods

Nobody Knows the Truffles We’ve Seen
Team WATSON (We Ate Tremendously Spectacular Orgasmic Nourishment)

Hamilton: The Scavenger Hunt, in New York City

2 Burrs with One Stone
Angry Burrs

Find More Fun (And Play the Name Game, Too)

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