Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and More TV Scavenger Hunts

When we say scavenger hunts are for everyone, we mean it. Families, summer associates, bachelorettes, milkmen, your cousin Tim from Virginia—they all love ’em! And so do the folks on TV, whether they’re real or fictional.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills recently featured a scavenger hunt, so that got us thinking about some of our favorite TV hunts. Read on for bits from The Big Bang Theory, Parks & Rec, and more.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

In last week’s episode, several of the above ladies (sorry, we’re not exactly experts on RHOBH) embark on a scavenger hunt through the posh streets of Beverly Hills, for some reason. Divided into “Dream Teams,” they run around on a food-themed scavenger hunt (hey, we offer those!), drinking milkshakes and stuff. And at the end, Lisa Rinna and the gals all fly to Amsterdam. Reality television is just like real life, folks! Check out the whole episode here, if you’re into that sort of thing. (Image via Bravo)

The Big Bang Theory

In everyone’s favorite show featuring a character who says bazinga, the whole gang of nerds and the gals who love them are tasked with solving 10 puzzles to find a gold coin somewhere in the city. In the above clip, their hunt host, Raj, kicks things off with a few big bangs of his own. Maybe we should start our scavenger hunts with pyrotechnics and dance music?

Parks & Rec

A few seasons into Parks and Recreation, Amy Poehler’s grand saga about a waffle-obsessed local bureaucrat destined to become improbably close friends with Madeleine Albright (we miss it so much already), Leslie Knope stages a scavenger hunt for her main squeeze, Ben. And it all ends with a cute moment between Leslie and Ron, who can’t quite mask his passion for riddles.

The Simpsons

In, like, the 30,000th episode of The Simpsons, Mr. Burns and Rich Texan (actual name) square off in a rather animated scavenger hunt, with each oligarch’s wealth on the line. The final photo challenge, however, proves too difficult for Mr. Burns, who almost certainly spends the ensuing 22 minutes getting into hijinks with Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart, and/or Maggie.

Person of Interest

On a more serious note, the Count of Monte Cristo and Evil Ben from Lost track a brilliant young college student who appears to be on a dangerous scavenger hunt in a season 4 episode of Person of Interest. As the girl solves obscure math puzzles hidden throughout New York City, the whole thing turns out to be a deadly ruse.*

*Watson Adventures in no way endorses or supports turning scavenger hunts into deadly ruses. (Lead image via RhysJordanTaylor)