Greatest Hits: Our Top 18 Most Popular Blog Posts in 2019

Looking back on a year of fun

Hey, remember 2019? We’ll always remember it fondly as our 20th anniversary, but a lot of other fun happened too! Before you get too far into the new year, look back at our most popular blog posts in 2019—full of fun facts, weird stuff from museums, and scavenger hunt team name ideas.

18. Nightmare Fuel: 8 of the Creepiest Objects from Museums

For when you’ve seen enough Manets and O’Keeffes.

17. Presidents & Poltergeists: The Most Famous Ghosts in 6 U.S. Cities

From Marilyn Monroe to Resurrection Mary.

16. 9 New Orleans Restaurants You Must Try

Amazingly, this isn’t just a list of beignet places.

15. 3 Mind-Blowing Real-Life Scavenger Hunts

None of them has ever been solved.

14. A Variety of Annoyingly Redundant Phrases!

For anyone who has even been bothered by phrases like “combine together” or “first started.”

13. 7 Perfect Places to See Dinosaurs In and Around NYC

Expand your horizons beyond the Museum of Natural History!

12. 5 Best Food Places at Philadelphia’s Reading Terminal Market

As chosen by our Philadelphia Coordinator and Hunt Host Karen Stover.

11. Holiday Gift Guide 2019: 13 Gift Ideas from Museums

Maybe bookmark this for December.

10. The Best TV Show About Treasure Hunts that You’re Not Watching

Ever heard of Detectorists?

9. Presidents Talking Trash: 10 Presidential Insults

Wow, Thomas Jefferson had a mouth on him, boy howdy.

8. Welcome to the Jungle: 3 Teamwork Lessons from Jumanji

Be more like The Rock (or Dwayne Johnson, if you prefer).

7. 7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Statue of Liberty

First off, that is not her name.

6. Let’s Eat: 10 Famous Pieces of Food Art

Watson Adventures Reversible Head Fruit Basket

Like you’ve never seen a peanut-butter-and-jelly Mona Lisa before?

5. 5 More Mind-Blowing Real-Life Scavenger Hunts

More stranger-than-fiction mysteries,

4. 4 Reasons to Skip Escape Rooms

And do scavenger hunts instead, of course!

3. Ghostbusters Film Locations in NYC

From Bowling Green to Columbia University.

2. Super Hero Movie and TV Film Locations in NYC

Where to find Doctor Strange’s house, Spider-Man’s job, Luke Cage’s bar, and more.

1. Team Name Ideas

Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunt Team Names

OK, this is actually a bunch of posts in one, because you guys really love seeing the fun team names other hunters come up with. You’ve got team names for Halloween scavenger hunts, Harry Potter–inspired Wizard School hunts, and any other variety of scavenger hunt!