Halloween Hunts: So Much Fun It’s Scary…

Fun Museum and Non-Museum Tours in New York and Across the U.S.Treat your favorite little tricksters this year to an eye-opening, spine-tingling scavenger hunt that’s heavy on the haunted. With ghost-themed games for families running in New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., some of the nation’s best ghost stories, eerie noises, pesky poltergeists, and “spirited” politicians are just a click away. We’ve dug up two of our favorite stories, fresh from this year’s haunted hunts, below:

Ben Puts the “Boo” in Books

Sightings of notorious rabble-rouser Ben Franklin are frequent at Philadelphia’s Library Hall, which he helped found. Surprised one morning by a cleaning lady, the trickster knocked her over and bounded out of the room…but not before delivering a swift pinch to her rear. Ben! Bring your rump-protectors to the Ghosts of Philadelphia Family Scavenger Hunt.

Honestly, Abe!

The gangly ghost of President Lincoln has a knack for awkward encounters in the White House: a visiting Winston Churchill, naked and fresh from his bath, found Abe warming up by the fireplace in his room. And the sight of him alone was enough to make the Queen of the Netherlands faint! (We don’t blame her.) Learn more tales of D.C.’s famously ghoulish politicians on The Fright at the White House Scavenger Hunt.


That’s, er, not safe for families: in addition to our rousing family-friendly hunts, we also offer adult-only haunted hunts across the U.S., some even on Halloween itself.

Private hunts are also available, of course. Contact us to learn more and find more fun!