Your Favorite Scavenger Hunt Hosts: Correy West

Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunt Host Correy West

Great people make great experiences. That’s true in any area, but especially so when you’re playing—or organizing—a fun, funny scavenger hunt. Lively, engaged hunters make the competition more exciting, and stellar hunt hosts elevate the experience for everyone.

Correy West is just such a scavenger hunt host. Based in New York City, Correy has run countless hunts with us since 2012. Hunters rave about his boundless energy and ready smile—both of which have served this Arkansas native and Texas transplant well in his other life as an actor! From the Tony-winning Broadway revival of South Pacific, to national tours for 42nd Street and Copacabana, to dramatic re-enactments on Maury Povich (yes, really), Correy never fails to entertain and delight. Read for insight into one of your favorite scavenger hunt leaders.

What is your favorite hunt and why?

“My favorite hunt would have to be The Secrets of Grand Central Scavenger Hunt. It’s a very informative hunt, and I love hearing from hunters when it’s over. Even the most regular commuters learn something they didn’t know about the historic building. It always makes me happy when I hear that they do.”

What have you learned about New York City or yourself while working as a host of scavenger hunts?

“I have learned so much about the city through hosting scavenger hunts! On top of having a blast doing hunts, I have learned some cool history about some very awesome areas of Manhattan. I have gained a lot of confidence as a public speaker as well. I’ve done hunts for groups ranging from elementary school kids to celebrities and have learned that I can feel comfortable in many different situations, which has benefited me far beyond hosting scavenger hunts. It has also given me an even bigger appreciation for forming relationships with people.”

When you’re not hosting hunts we can find you onstage as an actor. What is next for you on stage?

“I am going to play one of the leading roles in Oliver at Virginia Stage Company in Norfolk, Virginia. [Correy will play the villainous Fagin, an exciting casting choice considering the part usually goes to an old, grizzled miser-type.] I will miss my scavenger hunt family, but I will be back before you know it!”

What do you like about Watson Adventures?

“I enjoy the people. I have met some awesome, interesting people from all over the world! I also enjoy everyone I work with. Stacy [King] and Bret [Watson] have really created an environment that fosters a family-like atmosphere. I have made some really great friendships and grown others.”

Can you share a funny story that happened on a scavenger hunt?

“Stacy has a twin sister [Shannon Skilling] who lives in Boston but was in town visiting. We were doing a hunt at the Brooklyn Museum and when I arrived, I spotted Stacy. I walked up and immediately started having a conversation, but also making notes in my head about little differences in her appearance. I had never seen her in glasses, and she had a different hairstyle. After I stopped talking, I was very nicely told that I wasn’t talking to Stacy. I was talking to her twin sister, Shannon! It was hilarious! I am a twin as well, which makes it even funnier.”

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