Famous Gravestones Quiz Will Prepare You for This Weekend’s Haunted Hunts

Headstone Honchos 2

Can you identify the famous people who lie beneath these headstones? (Click on the image to see a larger, crisper version.) It will help you get in the spirit of this weekend’s scavenger hunts for Halloween that we’re offering in Salem, MA, New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, and Los Angeles.

The quiz was part of this week’s quiz night at the Brooklyn Historical Society, created by our favorite ingenious quizmasters, Chris Kelley and Stuart Post. They’ll be hosting a new quiz at the Transit Museum in Brooklyn on January 29.

Need a little help with the gravestones? Here are the people, in no particular order: Freddie Mercury, Mel Blanc, Merv Griffin, W.B. Yeats, Frank Sinatra, Edgar Allen Poe, Whitney Houston, pitchman Billy Mays, Billy Wilder and Marlene Dietrich.