Expanding the “Gaming” World

Find More Fun with Watson AdventuresUpwards of 200 apps are launched every day, but a counterintuitive trend is on the rise: good old-fashion fun.

Despite the stunning and vivid visuals that technology can provide for any electronic game, people are increasingly turning towards old-school games for entertainment.

If you’re surprised, you shouldn’t be. The trend over the last few years has skewed towards nostalgia and day’s passed.

Take Instagram for example, the filters replicate the look and feel of an original Polaroid camera. Call it old-fashion, call it vintage, call it what you want, but old school is the new school.

But this doesn’t mean technology is pushed to the sideline—far from it in fact. It’s nostalgia 2.0.

According to the NY Times, technology is actually aiding the old-school gaming trend. The creation of new tabletop games has largely come from money raised from crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter. In fact, the amount raised for tabletop games in 2013 exceeded the amount raised for video games, $52.1 million to $45.3 million.

In other cases, technology has enhanced the way old-school games are played, such as Watson Adventures new interactive cross-platform app. Supplementing paper hunt materials, the app provides gamers with instant feedback, helpful hints, and a countdown clock to help keep track of time (while turning up the pressure a notch).

The app will make its first public appearance on the Met Madness Scavenger Hunt on June 21st. Subsequently, select public hunts will be run entirely through the app.

The app is also available on select hunts for both corporate and private groups.

Experience what we mean when we say that technology and vintage fun is not mutually exclusive by getting in the game!