For Valentine’s Day: 7 Times Cupid Had Zero Chill

Watson Adventures CupidAs Valentine’s Day approaches, hearts race, roses suddenly quadruple in value, and Cupid flits hither and yon, spreading love and romance the world over.

Or so that arrow-flingin’ weirdo would have you believe, but the art world has known better for centuries. Turns out, Cupid’s just a pudgy little creep. When you join one of our fun, flirty naked scavenger hunts this Valentine’s weekend, keep your eyes peeled for times when Cupid was the literal worst.

1. That time he and his friends robbed some sleeping ladies

Watson Adventures Cupid Sleeping Nymphs
Cupids Disarming Sleeping Nymphs, National Gallery of Art


2. That time he shot a woman mid-drawing—three times!

Watson Adventures Young Woman Cupid Arrows
Young Woman Struck with Cupid’s Arrows, Brooklyn Museum


3. That time he enslaved some girl and led her around on a sausage leash

Watson Adventures Cupid Psyche
Cameo with the wedding of Cupid and Psyche, or an initiation rite, Museum of Fine Arts Boston


4. That time he beat up a defenseless goat man

Watson Adventures Cupid Pan
From Cupid and Pan, Getty Center (via Randy Robertson)


5. That time he hugged a pigeon while Adonis broke Venus’s heart and went off to die

Watson Adventures Venus Adonis
Venus and Adonis, Metropolitan Museum of Art (And yeah, Adonis totally died.)


6. That time he stole Carmen Sandiego’s beehive

Watson Adventures Cupid Honey Thief
Venus with Cupid the Honey Thief, Metropolitan Museum of Art


7. That time he fully kicked his mom in the butt

Watson Adventures Cupid Kicking Venus
Cupid Kicking Venus, Philadelphia Museum of Art


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