How I Met Your Murderer: 76 Clever Team Names for Murder Mystery Games

Prepare for Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunts

When you join our murder mystery games, you and your team get together on Zoom or in person to explore famous museums, search for suspects and murder weapons, solve puzzles and unravel codes, and finally catch a killer.

But to do all that, you need a team name that’s as clever as your team! Whether it’s funny, topical, or sinister, your name is serious business, considering the team with the best name earns bonus points. To help you get started, here are just a few of our favorite team names from groups that have played our murder mystery games.

Holmes & Watson

The Mori Arties

The Irene Adler Investigators

Deer Stalkers

Not So Surelock

The Mobile Holmes

Sher-lock ‘N’ Drop It

Lestrade’s Detectives

Elle E. Mentary

221 B_lievable

The Final Problem

Clowns of the Baskervilles

A Study in Think

Sherlock Clueso

Pop Culture

Redrum and Coke

Sleuth Dog

Law & Order CVU (Curators Victims Unit)

Murder of the Rural Juror (for all you 30 Rock fans)

Ace Ventura, Met Detective

The “Arty Boys” & Nancy “Drew”

Guardians of the Gallery

How I Met Your Murderer

Leonardo D’Capitated

The Clues Brothers

Plight at the Museum

Our Answers Are Hannibal Correcter

Detectives Peek-Ahtchu

Tom Petty and the Casebreakers

Hall & It Was Oates

Crime and Pun-ishment

Nancy Drew the Right Conclusions

Inspired by Art

Vincent Van Garrote

Pablo Piccaught You!

Leonardo Deadvinci

Van Goghing to Catch You

Fraud Monet

Degas Nothing on Us

Degas to Get a Clue

Veni, Vidi, Davinci

A Man for All Cezannes

Grab the Monet and Go

Van Gogh Get ‘Em!

A Day To Remembrandt

Toulouse is Not an Option

Artists of Deduction

Murder at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metlock Mysteries

Those Met-ling Kids

It’s ele-MET-ary, my Dear Watson

When Holmes “Met” Watson

The Law Offices of Detective Metlock

Murderous Miscellaneous


Sleuth Sayers

Simon Says…Nothing, Cause He’s Dead

Control “F”

#Alternative Clues

Fruit Sleuthies

Anita Moore Clues

Al Catchum

Fake Muse

Dr. Phil N. DeBlanc & Assoc.

Kent B. Beaten


Primordial Gum-Sh-Ooze

Turn Your Head To The Right and Sarcoughagus

Krill Her, I Hardly Gnu Her

We Gave It Our Best Tryanide

Digging for Bone-us Points

Saul Dakase

The Last Supper Club

Dewey Solvem & Howe

Sol Vencrimes

Murder: “Duh, Duh, Duuuhhh”

Do You Think He-Saurus?

The Hopeless Diamond

3-Toed Sleuths

Ben Framed


Join the Fun

Now it’s your turn! With a killer team name in hand, get in on the action with one of our murder mystery games—including the fiendishly challenging new Puzzled to Death: A Virtual Game of Murder Mystery Puzzles, co-created by bestselling author A.J. Jacobs.