Spotted: Howard Stern and 4 More Celeb Doppelgangers in Art Museums


Baba Booey! When Howard Stern’s Howard100 News called us up, we figured endearingly abrasive Howie finally heard the news: he’s been hanging in the Morris Museum in Morristown, New Jersey. Many Watson Adventures hunts feature celebrity look-alikes, and the Iroquois “Big-Lipped Grandfather Mask” was too good not to include on our Morris Museum Mania Scavenger Hunt. Hunt Producer Rachel Duncan spoke with Stern’s staff about the rather frightening resemblance.

Celebs (they’re just like us!) hang out in museums across the country, and it’s up to you to spot ‘em on a Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunt. Below, are some of our favorite doppelgangers:

Jack Black?

Paul Revere Portrait Looks Like Jack Black









Paul Revere’s resemblance to the School of Rock joker is uncanny—so much so that we wonder just how funny the American Revolution was. Check him out on the MFA Madness Scavenger Hunt.

Mick Jagger?

St. Roch stain glass at Met Museum resembles Mick Jagger








Jumpin’ St. Roch! Hunt down the Rolling Stones frontman’s lookalike on our Met Madness Scavenger Hunt and Brain Squeeze: A Trivia Scavenger Hunt.

Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus lookalike at LACMA Museum scavenger hunt









There might not be a wrecking ball, but you can catch Miley and her mile-long tongue on the new Murder at LACMA scavenger hunt on November 8.


Stallone as Warrior feature on MFA Boston Scavenger Hunt








Catch that perfectly chiseled jaw on our MFA murder hunts.

Who Else Can You Spot?

There’s only one way to find out: check out our calendar for the complete public schedule! Looking for a private party? We do that too—contact us to see what we can do for you.