CBS Commissions an ‘Elementary’ Adventure

Outthink a twisted criminal on a scavenger hunt? It’s Elementary! On Saturday, September 22, you can join a handful of carefully-picked sleuths whose mission will be to catch a madman on the loose in New York City. A criminal previously captured by the NYPD’s new consultant, Sherlock Holmes, has escaped from prison and has created a devious scavenger hunt to taunt Sherlock and the police.

Fans of Sherlock Holmes who can’t wait for the debut of CBS’ new fall series Elementary can enjoy the thrill of the chase by joining this scavenger hunt around lower Manhattan, commissioned by CBS to promote the new series. Can you solve the clues? You’ll have to be good at observation and deduction, and just as certifiable and bloody brilliant as Sherlock. The winning sleuths will receive an exclusive visit to the Elementary set! The game is created by Watson Adventures…of course.

The hunt is free! But space is limited. Learn more and make your reservation. The hunt’s afoot!