Boston Baked Beaniuses—and Other Awesome Team Names for Scavenger Hunts and Treasure Hunts

Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunt Team NamesSherlock Holmes. Hercule Poirot. Scooby-Doo. To catch a criminal, to solve a murder, to unravel a devious puzzle, you need one thing: a great name.

Now, to nab the murderers and demystify the mysteries behind a Watson Adventures scavenger hunt, you also need a team. Inventing a fun, funny team name is the perfect start to your fun, funny adventure, and it might even earn you some extra points! Here are just a few of the great names other teams have come up with.

Secrets of Old Boston Scavenger Hunt

Boston Baked Beaniuses
We Overthink Stuff

Naked at the Art Museum Scavenger Hunt, Chicago

Nude, Where’s My Art?
Naked Ambition
Chicago Dancing Bares

Murder at the Art Museum Scavenger Hunt, Chicago

Murder of the Rural Juror (for all you 30 Rock fans)
Not So Surelock

 Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunt Team Names

Grab ’n’ Go Connecticut Scavenger Hunt

The Young and the Rest of Us

Sherlock Holmes at the Art Museum Scavenger Hunt, Getty Center, Los Angeles

Ah, Fogetty ’Bout It
The Mobile Holmes

Wizard School Scavenger Hunts, Nationwide

Members of Griffinsnore
Welcome Back Potter
Hermione Your Own Business
Graiger Danger
Accio Van Gogh!
Magical Clues & Where to Find Them
Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Rule #6728: Do Not Enchant The Paintings!

 Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunt Team Names

New York City Scavenger Hunts

NJ Trainsplants
Stranger Teams Finding Stranger Things
Look What You Made Me Clue
Les Quizerables

Murder at the Met Scavenger Hunt, NYC

Sleuth Sayers
The Five Met-keteers
The Metlock Mysteries
Sher-lock ’N’ Drop It
Simon Says…Nothing, Cause He’s Dead
Those Met-ling Kids
It’s ele-MET-ary, my Dear Watson
Sherlock Holmegirls

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